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Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Body Sense
Take care of your Body... It makes Sense!
Automated Acupressure  Massage
included with any $20.00 Service
Bay City Branch
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Massage Therapy
Certified and Licensed
Swedish or Deep A soothing and relaxing
massage to help relieve tension.

Chair Massage

Raindrop Technique
Using YL oils to layer on
the spinal area, with special application mode.
The oils have anti viral, bacterial and anti
inflammatory properties that promote healing
and build the immune system. May improve
spinal abnormalities.

Hot Stone Heated stones are used to penetrate
deep into the muscles, leaving you feeling
relaxed and stress free.

Lymph Drainage Massage that stimulates
lymph.  Helps to eliminate toxins and trapped
proteins.  Focus on lymph areas.

Reflexology Promotes relaxation and
circulation through stimulation pressure points
on the hands and feet in conjunction with a full
hand or foot massage.

Sinus Pressure Relief-Massage with oils

Craniosacral- Corrects cerebral or spinal
blockages. Releases tension and improves
nerve flow.
30 min  $35
1 hour   $60
90 Min   $85

15 min  $15

1 hour   $80

1 hour   $80.

1 hour   $60

30 min   $35

30 min   $35

Gift Certificates
Refresh, Revitalize and
Rejuvenate with the
Ultimate Body Detoxifier!
Foot Bath
35 min session Bath $20
14 Bath pkg $260

Add a 1/2 hour Reflexology
treatment to leave you walking
on the clouds for only $49.00
MIGUN means beautiful health !

Fun Spa Day
Up in the Clouds
Start with a
15 minute
Automated massage,
Do a Revitalizing
Q2 Energy Spa
End with
30 minute
Swedish Massage
Pkg $80.00

Flower Essence

Healing modality derived from
the fresh blossoms of plants.  
Flower essences are
exquisitely refined
herbal infusions, acting as
Nature's "liquid messengers"
of inner health and harmony.
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Infrared Ionized
Heat Therapy
Different Sizes