Effie M.: I now have a MIGUN Bed in my home. Before I used the bed, I had four bulging disks,
stenosis of the spine, and sciatica problems, along with heart disease. I was about to have
surgery. I had been through physical therapy for lumbar pain and numbness in my right leg
without much relief. After using the MIGUN bed, I no longer have spinal pain, nor dizziness. My
balance is improved. It is truly wonderful to be pain free and no surgery in the future. Begin a
new life as I have, at the age of 70!

Karen D.: My body has had aches and pains for over 25 years. This infrared heat therapy
has improved my well-being and I am more relaxed. I am able to sleep at night and do more

Kathy B.: MIGUN has given me my mobility back!

Malinda S.: Before using the bed, I was not sleeping well and felt sluggish all day. I
experienced a lot of headaches and low back pain. After using the MIGUN bed, I sleep all
night, have less back pain, and feel more awake. I feel like a new person. Thanks!

Mary Ann S.: After using the MIGUN Bed, the spinal area that had always ached is relaxed
and pain free. Great massage in the leg calves and neck area. Another thing I want to say
about buying a bed is that I will miss the pleasant staff that is a joy to see 2-3 times a week.

Karen L.: Before using the bed, I was tired and aching all the time. The MIGUN bed has
helped my acid reflux, kidney problems, and aching muscles. I sleep better and have more

Debbie V.: I have had problems with my back and neck. I have had massage, physical
therapy and acupressure. After using the bed, I am able to sleep. I feel it has helped my
overall health. I have less aches and pains.

Fred V.: I could not sleep at night, tired all the time and restless. Now after using the MIGUN
bed, I sleep better and seem to have more energy.

Annette V.: I thought I felt OK, now after experiencing MIGUN, what a difference! I do not ever
remember feeling so relaxed.

Dianne S.:   Thank you for the opportunity to experience MIGUN. My neck and shoulders were
"tied in knots.”Now I feel relaxed and sleep better. Thank you.

Barbara F.: Before I used the bed, I was stiff with arthritis pain. I would lock up from sitting 15
minutes. After using the bed, I feel no pain, or stiffness. My stress is less! This heat therapy is
soothing and helpful.

Clay U.: The owner of a bed says, “I love my MIGUN bed.”

Loretta V.: After using the bed, I do not sleep in the daytime anymore, and have more energy.

Berne K.: Before I used the bed, I had leg pain, chronic stiff neck and poor sleep patterns.
After using the MIGUN bed, I now sleep 6-7 hours. I have less leg pain and improved flexibility
in my neck and shoulders.

John G.: I have had two back surgeries, and have lived with lower back and leg pain for 30+
The MIGUN bed is now a part of my daily routine. It has improved my overall condition.

Sharon B.: I have been in a wheelchair for over 2 years. The MIGUN bed has helped my
mobility and circulation. I can now stand straight and get in and out of my chair easier.

Diane S.: I had reoccurring neck pain, to the point I could not move my neck side to side.
After using the MIGUN bed, I can press on my neck with no soreness to touch, with
unbelievable relief. Nothing “cracked or popped,” the bed gently moved my neck into
Testimonials of a Healthy New Lifestyle!
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